Fama Lusitanos

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The price is in euro and its including taxes.
Shipping is including if the order is 700€ or more

Under 700€ the shipping cost is between 5-35€ depending of the product.

If you order more things the shipping cost not going to be in every product, only the one that have the most expensive shipping cost. (maximum 35€)


For now we only have prepayment and its to our portugis account.

To Rebecca Lundell/Fama Lusitanos
Foz do Arelho, Portugal

Leave your order number as message.

Payments from Portugal
NIB 0045 5134 4027 2431 3951 5

Payments outside Portugal
IBAN: PT50 0045 5134 4027 2431 3951 5


Fama 4 All

Shoes 2-5weeks

Boots 4-8weeks

Chaps 3-6weeks

Accessories 1-3weeks

Shoes ca 3-6weeks

Chaps ca 3-6weeks

Boots ca 10-13weeks

Accessories ca 1-3weeks

The products have to be payed before we send the order to our leather maker.

If the product is out or can not be delivering in some way, we always contact you so we can pay the money back.

Because the product are handmade and most of them are made by measure, the delivery time can take a bit longer if its holiday or if the have a lot in the production.

If you need something to be done quicker then normal, please send a message and we gonna se what we can do.


All Celeris and Fama 4 All boots thats made-to-measure are bespoke and handcrafted to order and therefore, your order is exempt from the Distance Selling Regulations and, as such, refunds cannot be given in respect for any reason.

Same with all our products that are handmade just for you.